Sarasota fishing charters

Sarasota Tarpon charters for 2017

Tarpon fishing has been steady the last couple of years, with May and June being the most reliable times to fish.  The full moon in May is early this year, on May 10.  That should result in decent numbers of fish up until the next full moon on June 9.  On and just after the moon the tarpon school up and move offshore to spawn, which means less fish on the beach.  The new moon in May is on the 25th.  Prime dates in May will be the week leading up to the 25th.  The week after that, which includes Memorial Day and the heavy boat traffic that goes along with that, might be tough.  Action should then pick up afterwards and will most likely be strong up until the full moon on Jine 9.  Book early to get the best dates!

Sarasota fishing charters


2016 Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is upon us once again.  This has been an odd year as far as weather is concerned; it has been quite breezy.  Hopefully we will settle into our normal pattern of easterly winds in the morning.  West winds make it difficult to see tarpon and hard to stay on them once they are spotted.  The moon is full on Saturday, May 21 and again on Monday June 20.  Generally speaking, the days before the moon can be spectacular and those behind the moon can be tough.  Last year it was very good early then tapered off a bit.  Every year is different, so we will see what 2016 brings us!  Capt Jim

Sarasota tarpon fishing